May 23, 2024

 6 study skills to have for becoming a successful learner 

Study skills refer to the skills that help a student to learn and perform academically better and more effectively. With the right study skills, one becomes an attentive, and active student in a class. With good classroom learning, understanding, knowledge, and self-studies of the students, all are enhanced. It also helps them to score better grades and ranks in the exams. Good study skills make learners more disciplined, focused, goal-oriented, and study-centric. This also enhances their success rate in the future. Let us discuss some of the important study skills that all learners must follow for active learning. 

Best study skills for learners 

  • Time management and avoiding procrastination

For effective studies, time management skills are very important. The habit which reduces one proper time usage is procrastination. Laziness, delay, excessive social media use, and too many leisure activities make students procrastinate. This affects their self-learning a lot. For proper time management and maintaining the balance of learning all the academic subjects, one should avoid the habit of procrastination. Consider and prioritize what’s more important for you. Create an effective learning timetable and stick to it with consistency. Try to work and complete your learning every day as per the schedule you created. 

  • Note making 

Along with reading, and listening to the teachers in the classes, writing and making notes plays an important role. When a student makes notes in the class, he or she actively listens in the classroom to find what’s important and is emphasized by the teacher. This also helps learners to have instant doubt clearing. Note-making in self-studies helps students to review what they learned in the class.

 By writing the important definitions, terms, and facts, understanding and memorization are improved. Whether in an online class or a traditional classroom, note-making. To stay focused and active in online classes, this skill is very necessary. Therefore all teachers must encourage students to do note-making. This will help teachers how to teach online effectively and better.

  • Regular exam preparation 

The best study skill that every learner must adapt to is regular exam preparation. The students who study only when the exams are on the head can’t become successful in education. Last moment preparations are very less effective and make one more stressed, rather than active. Also, they learn in such a hurry that they can’t retain anything in their long-term memory. This affects their knowledge and future success too. But the learners who are regular with exam preparation tend to study daily. They become active readers, listeners, and class performers too. They conduct active revision sessions as well which enhance their exam scores. 

  • Technical understanding 

In today’s digital world, technical understanding is very important for all. With the growing technology, the educational system has evolved and has become more advanced and modern. Therefore, students need to become advanced with their studies as well. Leaving behind the conventional learning tools, new audio-visual aids have been developed. All students should have a basic technical understanding to learn and perform better academically. With the help of online teaching through mobile, and other educational applications students can learn effectively. They can use educational videos, visual notes, graphs, animations,  modules, and PowerPoint presentations to study adequately. 

  • Memorization 

Along with retaining, and understanding, memorization is an important study skill for all students. To use, apply, and retain what you understood, memorization plays an important role. Better comprehension and memorization help students to remember the information for a long time. They hold good command over both theoretical and applicative lessons. With sharpened memory, brainpower, storage capacity, and knowledge all are enhanced. This helps students to learn more and better. Exam scores and class performance are also increased this way. 

  • Concentration 

Without focus and concentration, no work can be done with effectiveness and dedication. Poor concentration leads to a lack of understanding, confusion, more mistakes, and poor study quality. 

Like all other skills we discussed, concentration is also an important study skill to adapt for all learners. With better concentration comes active listening, more attention, in-depth understanding, and instant doubt solving. The students who concentrate in classes understand better. They get less distracted from the classes and their mental well-being is also improved. Concentration in self-studies helps students to read, retain and comprehend better. 



By following the above-mentioned six study skills, students can become more effective and efficient at learning. All learners must adopt and follow these skills to improve their classroom learning, self-studies, and overall academic performance respectively. 


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